The dead ITV variety show, the revived Greatest Show on Legs and grave laughs

Sind die Deutschen bereit für englisches Anarcho-Theater? Diese und mehr Fragen stellt und/oder beantwortet John Fleming in seinem Blog im Gespräch mit unseren großartigen Gästen vom Samstag, der Comedy-Gruppe Pull the Other One, nach ihrem Auftritt auf der Feinkost:

SO IT GOES - John Fleming's blog

Last night, ITV tried and failed to revive legendary, classic and once classy variety show Sunday Night at The London Palladium under the inexplicably shortened title Sunday Night at The Palladium.

If Simon Cowell had produced it, the show could have retained some class. Instead, ITV transformed class into crass and the result was somewhere between a reality show produced by Endemol on an off night and Saturday Night at Butlins for Essex Man.

Stephen Mulhern presented it like an edition of Big Brother’s Bit On The Side and it came complete with what looked very much like an audience plant towards the start of the show.

To compound the felony of failing to revive an old classic rather than thinking up a new idea – and rather than have highly original variety acts – they went for Cirque du Soleil performers Les Beaux Freres who nicked the idea of…

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